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Find the right industrial equipment for your company at the right price, with business-to-business sourcing services from Big City Sales, Inc.

Our team of specialists is not affiliated with any manufacturer or allied with any specific technology, so we can always provide you with the best objective UNBIASED OFFERING to meet your needs.

We have a worldwide multinational portfolio of hardware and software solutions to draw upon. No matter what your industry or where it is located.

Let our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that all your equipment needs are met.

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Contact us today for industrial hardware and software, battery system recycling and installation of new systems.

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Industrial Equipment And Services For Any Industry

Phone Companies • Utility Companies • Financial Institutions • Large Industrial Plants • Manufacturing Industries

SERVICES Including Lead Acid Battery and Nickel Cadmium Battery Recycling with EPA Approved Recycling Certificates of Disposal

Battery system removal and installation of new battery systems, racks, spill containment, battery chargers, monitoring systems.

Offering a Wide Array of Equipment and Systems
All Hard Goods • Electronic And Electrical Systems Including Uninterruptible Power Systems, TVSS And Power Quality Products • Power Generation Sub-Systems (Silencers, Radiators, Electrical Controls, Enclosures, Fuel Tanks, Load banks, Transformers, Batteries, Battery Chargers) • Systems Engineering and "Turnkey" Installation Services.

Telecom Power Systems featuring filtered high frequency modular switchmode charger rectifiers, batteries, indoor and outdoor cabinets with HVAC systems, AC and DC distribution, DC-DC Converters, DC-AC Inverters.

Heat Transfer and Infrared Temperature Detection featuring radiators, oil coolers and infrared thermocouple probes that can be embedded in equipment without power feed or amplifiers and up to 40 ft of cable. Complete computer interfaces with LAN PC compatibility and web-based wireless telemetry.

Power Quality Systems featuring Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), power conditioners, electronic and mechanical line regulators, isolation transformers, high power DC power supplies, dry-type transformers 5 KVA to 4 MVA, specialty electrical switchgear and circuit breaker packages.

Distributed Power Engine Generator products including radiators, oil coolers, starter batteries and chargers, silencers, NOx and CO emission controls, exhaust insulation, sound attenuated enclosures, trailer assemblies, sub base, and standard fuel tanks, protective relays. 

Uniquely Qualified to Meet Your Equipment Needs With Diverse Product Offerings, Systems Engineering And Specialized Installation Service

Power Quality Systems: UPS single and three-phase (on-line and line inter-active), voltage regulators, power conditioners, isolation transformers, TVSS and surge protectors.

Standby Power: Lead-acid and Ni-Cd battery systems, chargers, DC distribution, DC-DC Converters.

Telecom Power: 24 & 48 VDC, indoor and outdoor power system with batteries, inverters, and converters.

Distributed Generation: starter batteries, chargers, AC and DC distribution, radiators, silencers, sound attenuated enclosures, trailers, fuel tanks, base tanks, circuit breaker packages, exhaust insulation, NOx and CO emission control systems, AC and DC load banks, battery monitors, transformers, inverters, UPS, specialized controls, protective relays.

Infrared Detection: Predictive maintenance tools featuring unique infrared detectors with computer interface for embedded applications within electrical and mechanical systems to monitor critical component temperatures 24/7, available with LAN and wireless web-based telemetry monitoring systems. 

Heat Transfer: Industrial radiators, shell and tube, and other specialized oil coolers and heat exchangers.

Electronic Systems

Specialty Electrical Equipment: Protective solid-state relays and panels, custom AC and DC distribution switchgear, maintenance bypass switches, static and electromechanical transfer switches, custom monitoring and instrumentation, custom transformers, magnetic components, high power DC power supplies.

Contact us today in Setauket, New York, for business-to-business sourcing of equipment.

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